WHEN | Women’s Heart-Engaging Network

What is WHEN?

WHEN is a caring, authentic, inspiring group of women that are here to support and walk alongside each other in faith and life, and in their own language.

We believe in opening our hearts to women of different cultures and languages, inviting them to events and groups where they can build friendships with fellow women and connect at a heart level.

What is a WHEN event?

In a comfortable setting, in-person or online, you will hear a woman share some of her inspiring life story through an interview in your own language.

Our hope is that you leave feeling encouraged, supported, loved and rejuvenated.

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Share a Meal

Enjoy a delicious meal with your friends at a nice venue in your neighbourhood or invite your friends to share a meal from the comfort of home as you watch online.

Connect With Friends

Each event is generally between 50-100 guests, giving you the opportunity to connect with your friends and network with women that speak your own language.

Be Inspired

Experience a 45 minute story of a woman’s life transformation that will encourage.

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