WHEN is designed to be a gift to our girlfriends and to church communities. Together with Power to Change, WHEN offers proven ways of reaching out – empowering and training women to impact their communities in their own language. We would love to join you in the great commission and contribute to connecting women to Jesus Christ and to your local church.

Power to Change is helping Canadians experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ since 1967. WHEN, along with students, marketplace leaders, athletes, families and others, is a family of 11 ministries with one common purpose. Today counted as one of the top non-profit organizations in BC, Power to Change continues to help people know Jesus and change the world. Learn more at p2c.com

“The ministry of WHEN engages women of different languages and cultures and is a vital member of our family of ministries. A woman who follows Jesus, prays diligently for her family and friends, and shares the gospel with others has a ripple effect throughout our society. By providing opportunities for sharing their moving and inspiring stories, engaging in meaningful conversations, and connecting women with other women, WHEN is helping women know Jesus and experience His power to change the world.”

Darren Young | President, Power to Change

“I am so encouraged by the work of WHEN. Their passion, commitment to excellence, humility, grace and boldness give them a profound influence in the communities they serve. They are committed to sharing the Good News with women from every background with kindness, love and generous hospitality. Invite a friend and experience their work first hand.”

Shaila Visser | Global Senior Vice-President of Alpha International, National Director of Alpha Canada

“From its inception, the vision of WHEN has not changed. Women who care about women. Women who are willing to share their own struggles and victories. Women who encourage other women that God is there and so are they. Isn’t that what we all need?”

Cheryl Koop | Co-founding Pastor of Coastal Church

“As pastor of Movement Church – a new church plant in Abbotsford , I am thrilled to be partnering with WHEN to further the gospel among young adults. WHEN is a perfect platform for us to reach further in our community and reach those who are open to knowing more!”

Kelly Manire | Pastor of Movement Church

Remembering WHEN's Beginnings...

Power to Change recently interviewed Kari Leoganda, one of WHEN's founding members, about the beginnings of WHEN...read the full article here