Spanish (Vancouver)

The passion of women on this team to connect Spanish-speaking women to Christ is evident as they do whatever it takes to meet, to plan and to invite their friends and family to a Saturday brunch where they can feel special and can hear how the love of God can help them face the challenges and opportunities in Canada. At the end of the event, women still sit to enjoy a few more minutes of conversation with new friends and old.


September 2018: Gaby Wong – Son las relaciones las que determinan tu destino?

May 2018: Silvia Brynjolfson – Mi Ancla En Las Tormentas

October 2017: Paula Hokama –  Que Significa Ganar? (What Does it Mean to Win?)

April 2017: Karen Wong – Edificando Mi Vida Entre Culturas (Building My Life Between Cultures)

November 2016 Yohanna Moore -Encontrando Balance en la Montaña Rusa de la Vida (Finding Balance on the Roller Coaster of Life) 

May 2016: Karla Downey – Esperanza Que No Defrauda (Hope That Does Not Disappoint)

November 2015: Doris Moreno & Dorielis Avilan – El Eschucha Mi Voz (He Hears My Voice)

April 2015: Olga Hernandez – Me Siento Millonaria (I Feel Like a Millionaire)

November 2014: Marcela Corzo – Destino: Canadá (Destination: Canada)

November 2013: Ari Ramirez de Coba – Encontrando mi propósito en medio de los cambios (Finding Purpose in the Midst of Change)