Intercultural (Vancouver)

Women from many cultural backgrounds invite friends and colleagues to take time at a Saturday brunch to consider if connecting to Jesus Christ could add value to their very busy lives. Each team member knows this decision changed her life and her attitude towards herself and those around her. They understand the questions and objections raised by those who do not believe, and are willing to walk with their friends on a journey of discovery.


October 2018: Praise Vaughn – Facing Your Giants

November 2017: Kristy Karuhije – Against the Odds

April 2017: Felicia Lee – What if Achieving Isn’t Enough?

November 2016: Joulene Parent – Stop Coping, Start Living

April 2016: Tara Teng – Living With Conviction

October 2015:  Shaila Visser – The Art of Influence

April 2015:  Sharon Smith – Where is God in The Dark Places?

November 2014: Idelette McVicker – Follow Your Passion, Find Your Purpose

May 2014: Nancy Fong – What Law School Didn’t Teach Me

April 2013: Linda Gotts – Finding Strength for a Difficult Journey: When God doesn’t seem to make sense

October 2012: Rita Fung – Finding Me: How to live out your true identity when trying to fit into so many roles