Filipino (Edmonton)

This fun-loving team knows well the stresses of Filipino women who are coming to Canada in droves, working long hours to help provide for their families here and back home. So they created a fun Ladies Night Out!  Single young contract workers and mothers of families mingle and leave inspired because someone has put their arm around them and said, “I have been where you are, but I want you to know Jesus is with you, and having faith that He will never leave you or forsake you can make all the difference.”


May 2019: Majorie “Bibi” Weling Ang – An Attitude of Gratitude

November 2018: Dr. Leonila Mateo – When Being Good is not Good Enough

May 2018:  Mervil Valencia – Joy Comes in the Morning

November 2017:  Dr. Evelyn Tejada – When Sacrifice Isn’t Enough

April 2017:  Tracy Reimer – The Incredible Power of Letting Go: A mother’s journey of fear, faith and hope.

November 2016:  Susan Sanchez – Finding My Way in a Broken World

May 2016:  Lorraine Taylor – Journey Out of Fear

November 2015: Zeny Marano Wester – Finding the Power To Change

November 2014: Eva Bagasao – What can steal your Christmas?

April 2014: Kari Leoganda – Stressed or Blessed

November 2013: Maria Briones – The Best Gift

March 2013: Dr. Julie Querijero – Identity – Lost and Found: How to find your true identity in a new country?

October 2012: Zeny Wester – Surviving the Craziness of Christmas: A panel discussion on managing feelings, finances and family

March 2012: Adele Salmon – The Secret of Availability: Stepping into divine opportunities