Cantonese (Vancouver)

This is the pioneer team of volunteers who launched WHEN in 2008, inviting women primarily from Hong Kong who now live in Canada. Founder Kari Leoganda explains, “Many of my friends and clients were not comfortable to come to church yet, but they were happy to come to lunch.” As they hear ordinary women share extraordinary stories of the reality of God’s love, they begin to take their own steps of faith.


April 2019: Alice Tang 鄧楊敏穎 生死奧秘 與誰同行

May 2016:  Alice Wong  只談人生,不談政治‏

October 2015:  Diana Li  醜小鴨變天鵝

February 2015: Helen Wong 不一樣的醫治

May 2014: Jenny Lee 不止息的愛

August 2013: Teresa Mo 毛舜筠見証坐談會

February 2013: Grace Hui 活下來的勇氣 (The Courage to Live On)

May 2012: Ludia Li 風霜伴我行

September 2011Nancy Fong What Law School Didn’t Teach Me: Is there something more significant than success?

May 2011: Esther Su My Search for Truth in Science and the Bible: Can Science lead to faith?

March 2011: Kari Leoganda Stressed or Blessed

October 2010: Candy Yim Coming through the Storm of Cancer

May 2010: Mary Cheung Choose That Which I Love, and Love That Which I Choose

April 2010: Shirley Eu Finding Answers to Tough Questions

December 2009: Mariana Hon The Gift of Love

September 2009: Bonita Chan Developing Extraordinary Relationships

December 2008: Rita Fung The Journey to Overcome Depression