Cantonese (Coquitlam)

Cantonese-speaking women from the Tri-Cities know that many of their friends are very busy serving their families in the evening and on weekends, so this team hosts a mid-week luncheon. Their desire is to provide a lovely space to hear ordinary women share extraordinary stories of the reality of God’s love, and have time to consider how they might take their own steps of faith.


October 2018: Agnes Chiang ” 玲瓏、智慧、俏達人” 

May 2018: Mary Cheung  “美麗有序  愛美無罪”

September 2017:  Leanne Li “美麗的抉擇”

June 2017:  Maur Tanner  “危難中找到的彩虹

November 2016:  Diana Li  “如何找到人生的GPS